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Family and inheritance disputes

Family and hereditary disputes are one of the most common in everyday life. Most of us faced with complex issues, the solution of which must be entrusted to professionals. ARABIS Group has moved forward in the settlement of family and inheritance disputes, we were the first in Kyrgyzstan to establish the practice of legal support of contractual relations on surrogacy, the practice of determining the place of residence of the child with his father, as well as the practice of the use of hereditary transmission, through a court decision.

Team “ARABIS Groups” will assist in the resolution of any disputes

Family issues                                                                                                                   Hereditary issues


divorce division of inherited property
establishing paternity recognition of the will invalid
adoption the recovery time for enter into the inheritance
disputes about children recognition of the certificate of inheritance by law, invalid
alimony recovery allocation of the share of the heir from the hereditary property
division of common property of spouses inheritance of the enterprise (business)
conclusion of the marriage contract
deprivation / restoration of parental rights
the debate about the departure of under aged children abroad

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